Although the blog wants to keep it simple there are some rules we should follow.

  1. You must have the right to use and publish the picture.
    By posting their pictures all photographers assure that they have the ultimate right to publish the picture.
  2. All pictures should be suitable for your Mom, daughter, Grandma or other sensitive people.
  3. Make sure to add your © in a suitable way into the picture.
    If you have problems with that, I will help you if you mail the picture to me
  4. Just one picture per post!
  5. Don’t ever violate the right of anybody else.
  6. Pictures should show life and abouts of the place you are living  or you have visited!
  7. We don’t take the term “City” to serious-
  8. And finally: lets have fun and explore the beauty of life!
  9. Maximum width of the pictures are 1024 pixel
  10. Minimum width 640 pixel… just to make sure that we can see the content properly!
  11. Make sure to reduce the image to at least 1024 pixel in width and also to minimize the KB size –to save server space!
  12. Leave a little explanation what we see in the picture, and where and when it was taken.
  13. Don’t let us overwhelm our readers: so I would recommend One Picture per Photographer per Day. You can always schedule some days in advance!

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