Upside Down Tulip

A rare kind of upside down tulip, called ‘the weeping bride’ by the locals of the Hakkari mountain region of east Turkey, and is now under state protection.

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7 thoughts on “Upside Down Tulip

  1. Great! The motif of the upside-down tulip, called “ters lale” in Turkish, is also associated with Selimiye Camii in Edirne. There is an upside-down tulip motif on one of the marble columns that supports the muezzin’s platform. According to legend, the site was a tulip garden before the mosque was constructed, and its owner did not want to sell it. In the end, he was convinced to sell, but only on the condition that the mosque be decorated with a tulip motif.

    Mimar Sinan, the architect, put the tulip upside down (ters) to symbolize the previous owner’s acrimoniousness (terslik).

    Source (in Turkish, with a picture of the motif):

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